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Webinar: Can Academic Integrity Be Taught? Lessons from the Academic Integrity Seminar
by Gary Pavela & Greg Pavela
Description: In February 2023, two IS presenters conducted a webinar for the International Center for Academic Integrity about our forthcoming book: Driving Plato’s Chariot: Lessons on Student Ethical Development from the Academic Integrity Seminar. Click this link for the webinar slides.

AIS 2023 Sample Performance Report
by Gary Pavela

Free Course: Pocket Guide to Academic Integrity (2020)
by the Integrity Seminars Team
Description: The IS Pocket Guide–suited for inclusion in class syllabi–consists of a creative short video; related instructional content; and two short quizzes to confirm student comprehension. A summary of instructional goals can be seen at this link. Our content also redirects students to campus-specific definitions of academic dishonesty at your institution.

The module is an excellent resource for faculty members at the start of a new semester or to assign as a “refresher course” or a “timely reminder” prior to major assignments or examinations.

What Frederick Douglass Can Teach Contemporary College Students
by Gary Pavela

AIS Newsletter 2018-Q3: A Contemporary Perspective On Truth-Seeking And
Honor Code Traditions

by Gary Pavela

Ten Principles for Members of Student Conduct Hearing Boards (Updated 2018)
by Gary Pavela
See also: Electronic version

Additional Resources

A Letter to My Students
by Bill Taylor

Academic Integrity and Student Ethical Development
Selected excerpts

What’s Wrong with Cheating?
by Michael Bishop.  Reprinted with permission.

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