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The Academic Integrity Seminar allows universities to offer students a proven, personalized educational intervention designed to emphasize the importance of personal responsibility and social trust.

I felt that this seminar was great and helped me rethink what honesty, trust, and self-worth were about.

Student, University of Oregon

The instructors of the program give excellent individual feedback and genuinely care about educating our students about the importance of integrity in all aspects of life.

Office of Academic Integrity, George Mason University

I think that the seminar was very educational and at the same time entertaining. I really enjoyed most of the readings. All of them involved a good message within them, that made me reflect among my goals and my life.

Student, University of Maine

We have been extremely pleased with the feedback received from students regarding their participation in the Academic Integrity Seminar. We are also able to have students think about larger issues that impact their ethical development.

Student Development Administrator, Purdue University

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About The Seminar

Integrity Seminars offers a robust and thought-provoking course to students called the Academic Integrity Seminar. The Academic Integrity Seminar (AIS) is a demanding, personalized online educational intervention administered to students at high schools, colleges and universities across the country. It is used for ethical development programming, honor council and hearing board training, and as remediation for violations of honor codes and codes of conduct. Students are usually assigned by referring educational institutions.

The Seminar is designed to help students examine the importance of social trust and the components of emotional intelligence required to sustain it. We also seek to enhance critical thinking skills and help students write persuasive, well-reasoned essays.

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