Free Course: Academic Integrity for Distance Learning

We know many of your classes have moved to distance learning formats during the COVID-19 pandemic. This trend may accelerate in the months ahead. More than ever, you and your faculty members need additional resources to help students understand what academic integrity means and why it is important. Our new IS module, the “Pocket Guide to Academic Integrity” is designed with that goal in mind. 

The IS Pocket Guide–suited for inclusion in class syllabi–consists of a creative short video; related instructional content; and two short quizzes to confirm student comprehension. A summary of instructional goals can be seen at this link. Our content also redirects students to campus-specific definitions of academic dishonesty at your institution.

The module is an excellent resource for faculty members at the start of a new semester or to assign as a “refresher course” or a “timely reminder” prior to major assignments or examinations.

Click here to view or enroll in the “Pocket Guide to Academic Integrity”

IS Publications

The resources here are designed to help faculty members protect and promote academic integrity in any new courses they’re teaching. Overall, we believe IS has shown how faculty members in distance learning formats can be as assertive in preventing, detecting, and reporting academic dishonesty as they are in traditional classrooms.

Academic Integrity and Transitioning to Distance Learning: Ten Recommendations
by Gary Pavela 

Ten Principles of Academic Integrity for Faculty (2017)
by Gary Pavela, Donald L. McCabe, and DeForest McDuff
See also: Electronic version with detailed notes and annotations