What is the Academic Integrity Seminar?

How It Works

The Academic Integrity Seminar is used as a supplement to college and university academic integrity and ethical development programs. Campus based programs typically help students understand how academic integrity is defined. AIS helps students understand why academic integrity is important. Whether used as a university sanction or a training program for students serving on academic integrity hearing panels, the Seminar is designed to elicit thought and analysis about the individual and social imperatives of trust, responsibility, and reciprocity.

Seminars are conducted entirely online through personalized e-mail interaction between students and tutors. Students are usually assigned by referring educational institutions.

The seminar process is explained by this graphic:

Students are expected to provide fully developed responses that demonstrate serious and thoughtful engagement with the readings. Most students complete the Seminar in about 5 to 15 hours. When evaluating student responses, tutors may require revisions or assign additional readings to further emphasize main ideas that students may have overlooked. Once completed, Seminar answers and responses are shared with the student and the designated campus administrator.